BUB – a german toymaker since 1851


The BUB Toy Company was founded in 1851 by Paulus Bub in Nuremberg, Germany. Nuremberg was the center of German toy makers at the time. In the beginning BUB produced only simple toys. After the turn of the century, BUB began producing high quality tinplate cars and trains. During the difficult economic years following world war 1 BUB was forced into bankruptcy but soon emerged and began producing diecast models using molds obtained from Bing, another German toy maker.

BUB was one of the first companies to produce diecast accessories for model trains. BUB’s Nuremberg production facilities were totally destroyed during the second World War.

The company struggled to recapture its earlier successes by creating the popular BUBMOBIL and electric trains. During the 1950s, however, the company made a strategic error by not switching its production from diecast and tinplate to plastic. By the early 1960s BUB was forced to close its operations.

But now its 2002 and the BUB name will once again be associated with high quality collector toys. Under the leadership of a new, but widely recognized and respected management team, the BUB brand name will appear on a growing line of creative and classic models.


BUB – committed to tradition